Parent Reviews


  • 5/5 stars. Mrs. Clive is an exceptional teacher.  She is  professional and steadfast. She integrates well thought out pedagogic strategies in her lessons to meet the students’ individual needs and interests. Her didactic teaching approach shapes students’ intrinsic musical abilities and motivation to learn. Her students excel at all levels from performance, technique to musicality. We are very fortunate to be part of Mrs. Clive studio.  Chiraz B.


  • 5/5 stars--I am delighted that my daughter has become one of Suzy’s students this year.  Suzy was able to immediately ascertain my daughter’s proficiency level, after which she designed a clear plan to move her studies forward.  Suzy’s lessons are focused and thorough, and she devotes 100% effort during the lesson to helping my daughter improve her skills.  She has taught me as a parent how to help my daughter to improve between lessons, which has made a world of difference.  Suzy teaches all elements of piano and expects her students to work on them daily—from technique to scales/chords to sight reading and music theory.  Rather than simply going through the motions on these seemingly mundane building blocks of music, she keenly observes my daughter’s fundamentals and makes corrections early in the process before bad habits can develop.  As a result, in six short months I’ve seen dramatic improvement in my daughter’s skills and performance.  Most importantly, Suzy exudes a love of music which is infectious.  My daughter looks forward to her lessons, and she works harder during her practice sessions with me because she’s motivated to perform well for her teacher.  We are truly fortunate to have found Suzy Clive.    –Mark M.


  • 5/5 stars. "The best piano teacher in the Treasure Valley! Suzy has been teaching our son piano for the last four years. She is an excellent teacher - very motivating, professional and positive. At every recital we are continually amazed by all of her students' performances. Also very dependable; lessons are pretty much never cancelled or changed."  Kasey M.


  •  5/5 stars. "Suzy Clive teaches, motivates, and inspires her students. Over the past three years of lessons with her, my son has discovered his potential and abilities. Suzy personalizes and individualizes her lessons for each student, and finds ways to motivate them. She helps them set high standards and reach for excellence. The techniques, habits, and performing abilities my son has learned from her are outstanding and have helped him find confidence and joy in playing the piano. She guides her students and helps them find success with much hard work, goal-setting, and high expectations. From Suzy, my son has learned to dig deep, effectively practice and study hard, and master every new piece he is given. This has translated into other areas of his life. We're so grateful to Suzy for caring so deeply about our son and helping him find his inner strengths."  Connie M.


  •  5/5 stars. "Suzy teaches masterfully to all levels. It is rare to find a piano teacher who expects excellence (in technique, theory, performance, etc.) and relates to the kids well so they can achieve it. Suzy is an excellent musician, but matches that with superb pedagogy."  Elizabeth M. 


  • 5/5 stars. "Suzy Clive is an outstanding piano teacher because she expects a level of excellence from her students, then works diligently to help them to reach that level. She teaches her students to work hard and thus realize the benefits of that hard work. Her attention to detail and her ability to teach musicality, puts her piano students steps above others. Her love of music and of her students is felt by every age and provides a weekly motivation for improvement."  Valerie S.
  • 5/5 stars. "Mrs. Clive is an excellent piano teacher. Not only is she first rate when it comes to technique and tone, but she knows how to motivate her students. She cares deeply for each student and is very patient with them. She creatively finds ways to engage her students. She understands that becoming an excellent pianist is a process. As well as providing wonderful performance opportunities for her students she develops theory, sightreading, and improvisation skills. I could not ask for a better teacher for my children." Amy W.